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Aussie Owned

Dave and Jamie are a Husband and Wife team offering greater freedom to caravan users by making 1 key operate all compatible hatches and doors on your van.

Along with our manufacturer we are working hard to adapt more locks into the range, allowing more caravan users to join the 1 key club!

We too are caravanners and we know what is important to your set up and life on the road. 

The simple things make us happy… for Dave, it’s Fishing, Spearfishing and a Raging campfire! For Jamie, it’s a Surf and a Sourdough pastry. Take us to any town and we will be hunting out these goodies. 

1 Key Caravan HQ is in Nelson Bay, Port Stephens.

Newlyfe Sand free Towels

Newlyfe is a family-owned and operated business based in Perth, WA

Since 2017, Nat and John have been selling a range of Sand Free Beach Towels, Quick Dry Bath Towels and Hair Wraps specifically designed to make life simple at home and on the road!

They’re thinner than a regular towel, so they fit into even the smallest backpack or storage area with loads of room left to spare and they dry in half the time. They’re also light weight, sand free, easy to hang and made from luxuriously soft microfiber that is so absorbent it dries you in no time! 

Designed in Australia for our outdoor lifestyle with quality, functionality and affordability in mind – caravan, camping, and days at the beach and pool will be stress-free when you’ve packed your Newlyfe microfiber towels!

We Specialise in Complete Power Systems; One Call, No Fuss

Complete power systems are the true Enerdrive difference. Whilst alternative systems usually comprise of individual products from various different brands, at Enerdrive we can cater for the entire pipeline of energy requirements.

In the case of a power fault, having a multitude of differently branded products often causes confusion and frustration when attempting to identify the root of the issue.

Alternatively, adopting a complete Enerdrive power system grants you peace of mind knowing that any tech issues will only ever require one call to our experienced senior technicians, all of whom have a wealth of fault-finding experience at their disposal.

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We’ve thought of it all

Time away is rare. It also requires a lot of organising! That’s why our range is dedicated to ensuring you won’t miss a thing – because we haven’t.

Our products have been created with those convenient extra details, like zips and breathable fabrics.

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OzWit was developed from the experiences of two families who decided to take a leap of faith and pack up their lives to travel Australia with their families.

This was in 2006 and the internet was in its early stages so there wasn’t much information to be gathered online. Most research before we left was done through the grey nomads in the family, who had travelled Australia themselves, or phone calls to different government departments.

The main objective was to gather as much information as we could on what to take with us, and home schooling the children. Once we found a distance education centre and signed up with the school, we headed off.

We recorded our trip, and on our return in 2009 we decided to put together an informative website with information for travellers, and people wanting to travel with their children. We added handy tips and tricks about driving and fishing, and camp oven recipes as we loved to cook in our camp oven while on the road.

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YouTubers and Content Creators:

In October of 2020, we packed up our house, sold everything that didn’t fit into our caravan and said goodbye to what has been our ‘normal life’ for years.

It wasn’t a decision made lightly, and it was a decision sped up by the pandemic that swept across the globe, upsetting lives everywhere.I (Miriam) have had a passion for travel, adventure and a ‘life less ordinary’ since I was a child growing up in the jungles of Ecuador, South America.

Chris grew up here in South East Queensland but travelled regularly to Cairns to visit extended family and has loved the Aussie camping/beach holiday lifestyle ever since. With my afternoons swinging off vines into jungle rivers, and his lazy days exploring the waterholes and beaches in Far North Queensland – Aussie Destinations Unknown was always bound to eventuate!

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