Acceptable use Policy for adding photos

Guidelines for Appropriate Photo Contributions

Our Photo Contribution Policy is designed to create a respectful and positively informative environment for all members of our community. By adhering to these guidelines, you play a crucial role in upholding a platform where each image works to vividly depict the location, rather than focusing on personal camp setups, family moments, or sunsets.

  1. Ownership and Consent: Prior to uploading photos, please ensure that you possess the necessary rights or consent to share them. Show respect for the intellectual property of others by only uploading images that you own or have explicit permission to use.
  2. Respectful Content: Images must steer clear of explicit, offensive, or inappropriate material. This includes avoiding any depictions of violence, discrimination, nudity, or harassment. Campedia’s goal is to maintain a repository of image content that enhances the informational value of each location, assisting users in their decision-making process.
  3. Accuracy: If your photo includes contextual information, it must accurately represent the reality and not mislead viewers. The authenticity of contributions enriches the credibility of our community.
  4. Privacy: It’s imperative to uphold individuals’ privacy. Do not upload photos that divulge personal information without explicit consent, such as addresses, contact details, or private settings.
  5. Relevance: Uploaded photos should directly align with the platform’s purpose and the specific context. We welcome informative images that showcase campsite dimensions, camp kitchens, amenities, entry tracks, aerial views of campgrounds, dump points, potable water taps, and information signs. Please refrain from sharing personal photos such as pets, campfire scenes, meals, wildlife encounters, or people.
  6. Resolution and Quality: While we value creativity, please ensure that the photos you contribute maintain an acceptable level of quality and resolution for effortless viewing. Blurry or distorted images may fail to effectively communicate your intended message.
  7. Legal Compliance: All photos uploaded must adhere to prevailing laws and regulations. Content that violates copyright, trademark, or any other legal rights will be promptly removed.
  8. Moderation: Uploaded photos will undergo a moderation process. Any images that are deemed inappropriate or non-compliant will be removed without prior notice. Repeated violations may result in account suspension.

By upholding these guidelines, you actively contribute to fostering a positive and respectful community. Your efforts play a pivotal role in cultivating a platform that encourages creativity, collaboration, and meaningful engagement. We extend our gratitude for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a warm and inviting environment for all our users.