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Who are we?

We would like to introduce ourselves, our business and our journey.

We are a couple from Hervey Bay Queensland who have been frustrated not being able to book a caravan park or campsite from one App or Website and it is 100% Australian owned and operated. While we are connecting caravan parks and campsites everyday we are also adding locations, which include swimming holes to lookouts and much more.

We’d love you to join our journey as we home school our three children, grow our new business, all while living in our DIY Caravan full time. We will be discovering  new caravan parks, activities and places of interest for you to to book and discover.

We are 10 months into our journey and we feel like we’ve hardly scratched the surface. One thing is for sure is this vast land of ours has so much to explore and we want to share it with you and provide as much information as possible via the Campedia App and Website.

If you have a business and you’d love to see it on Campedia please CLICK HERE to head over to our List You Business Page. We’d love the opportunity of sharing your business on the Campedia platform.

Why are we doing this?

We have so much development and new things coming with the Campedia App and Website we are extremely excited for the future.

Our mission is to create an App and Website that is easy to use and allows our members / users to add and contribute to the community by adding locations, adding video content and sharing with friends plus by the end of Jan 2022 you will be able to add photos.

We want to thank everyone who has already shared content you guys are amazing.

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What are we travelling in?